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United Contracting Services helps construction contractors get the construction workers they need to complete projects on time and under budget. We understand the requirements of the industry and offer just the right labor staffing solution to match your needs. We can provide skilled construction laborers to normalize workflow peaks and down times. At United Contracting Service we provide ongoing recruiting, training, HR management, and safety compliance with this labor staffing option, you can plan projects without worrying about skilled labor layoffs or unnecessarily staffing up.

When you need experienced construction laborers on demand for any commercial project, residential, or Demo project.

United Contracting Services specializes in providing commercial and industrial construction contractors consistent labor staffing. We Our construction staff has been in the business for over 40 years in construction management and we understand the level of service needed to staff construction projects successfully. Through our many years of experience, we have mastered the art of construction labor staffing and management. Many of our project clients have given us glowing construction reviews. They rave about our proactive customer service, high caliber construction laborers, and ability to fulfill construction staffing needs fast.

We are aware the construction industry demands skilled and reliable construction workers. For this reason, you can count on our skilled laborers from one of our labor staffing options above to arrive to your worksite with the correct skills and tools for the job.

Over the years, we’ve built a workforce of skilled tradesmen. We have successfully placed hundreds of skilled trades and construction laborers on worksites across the 5 boroughs, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

  • Our labor staffing methods and services have been tried and proven.
  • Our labor staffing process focuses on finding laborers who are qualified for your project. You are matched with skilled labor tradesmen who have the skills you require.
  • We are also partnered with Full Circle Group: SBA 8 Certified, DBE/MWBE, and EDWOSB which can help meet with your minority participation goals for the project.
  • Prior to providing you with qualified employees, United Contractors will conduct a Client Site Evaluation which will give you an extra set of eyes to identify any “hidden” safety issues.  Risk management and workman’s Compensation is our second largest expense behind the cost of labor.
  • United Contractors is a Division of The Safety Group LTD. We can also provide Safety mgrs., Concrete mgrs., Riggers, Fire Safety mgrs., Fire guards and Licensed Supers for PW2.

We are very serious in our responsibility to place qualified employees who become an integral part of your safe, secure, drug free workforce. We conduct pre -employment, random and post- accident drug screening, although specific drug screening is available as per client requirements.

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